Allen Shawn: Arnold Schoenberg’s Journey (Paperback) ISBN 978-0674011014

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Arnold Schoenberg’s Journey
Allen Shawn
368 pages,
20,8 x 14,1 x 2,4 cm, Paperback
Sprache / language: english
Verlag / publisher:
Harvard University Press
Jahr / year: 2003


Beschreibung / description

Proposing that Arnold Schoenberg has been more discussed than heard, more tolerated than loved, Allen Shawn puts aside ultimate judgments about Schoenberg's place in music history to explore the composer's fascinating world in a series of linked essays – soundings – that are both searching and wonderfully suggestive. Approaching Schoenberg primarily from the listener's point of view, Shawn plunges into the details of some of Schoenberg's works while at the same time providing a broad overview of his involvements in music, painting, and the history through which he lived.


Inhalt / contents

Introduction: Six Little Piano Pieces
1. First Loves
2. Transfigured Night
3. Dawn: The Gurre-Lieder
4. Berlin Cabaret
5. Coming Apart
6. An Inner Compulsion
7. Farben
8. Listening to Five Pieces for Orchestra
9. Paths to (and in) Erwartung
10. Wrong Notes
11. Six Little Pieces
12. Theory of Harmony
13. Pierrot
14. Die glückliche Hand
15. Incident at Mattsee
16. Critics and Disciples
17. A Clearing in the Forest: Twelve-Tone Music
18. Satires
19. Catastrophe
20. Moses and Arnold
AMERICA, 1933-51
21. Exodus
22. 1940: Stravinsky and Schoenberg
23. Games
24. On Being Short
25. Piano Concerto
26. Death and Rebirth
27. Seventy-fifth Birthday
28. Death and Rebirth II
29. Writings about Schoenberg
30. Last Notes: Portrait in Retrograde
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Pressestimme / press reviews

A collection of elegant and persuasive essays: analytic discussions of single works and vivid accounts of phases and facets of Schoenberg’s life...Shawn is an engaging writer. (Anthony Tommasini, New York Times)

One of the best things to have happened to the composer in a long time. Allen Shawn, a composer himself, is an admirer of Schoenberg. He gives us the whole man seen from within his cultural environment and from within his music too...Shawn invites us to share with him a spontaneous and warm response to Schoenberg’s music rather than a purely analytical one...Shawn is exceptionally felicitous at finding words for music, which makes him an ideal companion on this journey of discovery. (George Perle, Wall Street Journal)

Nothing in recent years has filled me with an urgent desire to re-engage with [Schoenberg’s music] so much as this sensitive and personal book. (Bayan Northcott, BBC Music Magazine)


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