Jean-Jacques Dünki © Sophia Dünki
Arnold Schönbergs Klavierfragmente – eine klingende Sichtung
Jean-Jacques Dünki
Lecture recital
Arnold Schönberg Center
Tuesday, 24 January 2023
6.30 pm
Jean-Jacques Dünki © Sophia Dünki

Jean-Jacques Dünki piano, lecture (in German)

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Fragments, also known as “Bruchstücke,” are intermediate phases in a work and its creative process. They can be difficult to interpret, and the almost twenty piano fragments by Arnold Schönberg are no exception. However, and especially if you take a closer look at the points where the composer breaks off, they grant fascinating insights into the compositional developments between the poles of success and failure. A sidelong glance at Mozart’s and Alban Berg’s piano fragments broadens this examination and also shows Schönberg in his roles as a student and a teacher.